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Let me tell you a story………

Once upon a time in a land far away (Thailand) lived a young boy whose father had died and his mother could no longer care for him and his sisters.  There were some Australians working in an orphanage in Thailand who rescued this young boy and his sisters and gave them a home at the orphanage where they worked.  After about 6 years the Australians who rescued the young boy moved back to Australia.

The young boy continued living at the orphanage and as he grew into a man he continued to work at the orphanage.

Meanwhile in Australia there was a young girl who was never really happy…..Don’t get me wrong she was happy on the outside but deep down something was missing.  She was bullied at school and thought that she would never find love.

Now the Australians who rescued the little boy (now a man) attended the same church as the young girl (now a woman), and they organised a trip to Thailand to help out at the orphanage.  The young girl almost reluctantly went along………to cut a long story short the young boy (now a man) and the young girl (now a woman) met and fell in love.  It is true what they say that love knows no bounds as these two couldn’t even speak each others language and they lived continents apart.  But now 18 months later they are now Mr & Mrs Chadu.

Congratulations Rachel & Yo



  • Raelee Plaister - beautiful beautiful pictures and true story made me cry, love this xxxxx RaeleeReplyCancel

  • Rachel Chadu - Thankyou so much Kathy!ReplyCancel

  • kaye Clark - That’s a beautiful story :} so are the photos.
    I keep praying Yo makes it in time for the birth, I pray he gets to live happily ever after here as a family.
    God bless you both and your baby girl.ReplyCancel

I have numerous clients remark after a shoot “Thanks for that, that was fun!”.  Well that’s how it should be.   There’s nothing worse than a forced, uncomfortable smile……you know the one the teeth clenched eyes squinting and looking like you’re in pain, then the photographer says “Smile” you say “I am”……yes that forced smile.  Do you really want that smile hanging on your wall or would you prefer something natural that looks like you’re actually happy.

I loved this shoot I did recently.  I loved that they included their pets – because that is who t I don’t think there was one forced smile among any of the images.  I would like to thank this family for being natural and letting me capture that for them.



So here it is, something I am extremely proud of and worked very hard toward. You may say “Yeah, so. It’s just a logo” so I shall explain to you my joy and excitement just a little further.

Ever since I started my photography business I used to cringe when people called me a professional photographer worse still my stomach would churn when I called myself a professional photographer. Who awarded me the title of being a professional? What did I have or do to give me the right of calling myself a professional? Was my work good enough to be classed as a professional? These were questions that constantly plagued my mind. Well the first two were easy to answer…..NOBODY and NOTHING. I had done nothing to be entitled to call myself a professional. Sure I completed a certificate and am part way through a diploma but that would hardly award me professional status…..More on question three later.

The first time I heard about the AIPP (Australian Institue of Professional Photography) was a number of years ago at a workshop held my Rob Heiman Triple Master in Photography. Since then I have discussed the pros and cons with other AIPP members and discovered there were alot of pros and very very few cons. So I investigated further and researched the selection criteria etc, still very aprehensive.

For quite awhile fear held me back from applying but with the support and encouragement of loved ones I took the plunge and put myself and my work out there to be judged by a PANEL, not just one but a PANEL of well respected and extremely talented professional photographers. What if they said no? What if they said my work wasn’t of a professional standard?….Hey, now doesn’t that sound like question three. The only way I would find out if I was good enough was to be assessed. And so what if the answer was no then I would know that there was still some more work to be done, more techniques to try.

Well the answer wasn’t no, the answer was yes. And as the title of this blog suggests by no means do I think that I have arrived, that there is nothing more to achieve…quite the opposite. One MAJOR highlight of the AIPP is that members need to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge through their Continual Professional Development programme. I need to acrue 50 points in a year by attending various workshops and seminars in order to keep my professional status…..sounds good to me!

Yes you will be seeing this logo attached to my business cards firstly as a requirement of the AIPP in order to call myself a professional I need to display this logo on all printed material, and secondly, well, I think I’ve earned it. I in no way think that I am better than anyone who has not chosen this path, there are some extremely talented photographers out there that are not AIPP members and that is not for me to judge in the slightest. But for me I know this is what I needed to ease my mind and to increase my confidence.

I would like to thank those who trusted my God given talent to encourage me to continue in my dream and most importantly to my Lord and Saviour Jesus for blessing me with this gift that I can also bless others with :-).